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General Terms of use of the website www.mediclim.eu

These General Terms define the conditions of use of the website www.mediclim.eu  by the potential visitors or clients. By accessing and browsing this website, you accept the terms of use described below.


All information, products or applications on this website are owned by MEDICLIM, that reserves the right to change the content and/or the structure of the website at any time and without a prior notice.  

The entire content of the website www.mediclim.eu  is protected by the Copyright law, all rights being reserved. All rights regarding the pages, content and presentation of the website are owned by MEDICLIM. It is forbidden to copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit, publish, trade, license, create derived materials or use the content of the website for any purpose without the written consent of MEDICLIM.

It is free to access and use the webpage https://mediclim/   and the purpose of the website is to help users find the necessary information as easy and as fast as possible, as requested by the users.   

This information is general and professional and is provided to the users for free. The term „user” on this webpage refers to any individual who accesses the webpage.  

The information on this website represent a sufficiently detailed description of the activities, products and services MEDICLIM.

MEDICLIM does not give any guarantee regarding:

  • Avoiding the difficult or interrupted use of the website;
  • Not impairing other systems by the use of the website;
  • The absence of viruses or other components that could be detrimental to the users of the website.  

Therefore, MEDICLIM will not be held responsible for any kind of direct or indirect damages caused by the use of its website.
All information on the website regarding MEDICLIM products, prices, information, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical issues are given for informative purposes. No information on the website www.mediclim.eu  will be deemed a firm offer to contract and MEDICLIM shall not be held liable without subsequent agreements.  

The purpose of the website is to provide updated and accurate information about the products and/or services of MEDICLIM.

MEDICLIM cannot guarantee that these pages do not contains errors and undertakes to make all efforts to send a correct notification and to remedy the potential errors.  

Any person who wants to procure one of the services or products presented on the website is asked to contact MEDICLIM by one of the means posted on the contact page of the website to be informed about the availability of the service or of the product in question and the contractual terms, fees and technical information or any other kind of information.

When you are requested to provide information on this website, the purpose is to identify you or to contact you. This is much more needed when the applications available must be accessed.

The nature of the information requested refer particularly to the personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), the email address, the manner of use or intended use of the products and/or services of  MEDICLIM, but may include other information closely related to the use of the services and/or products requested.  

To fulfil the users’ needs and answer their questions, the information requested on this website will be subject to an electronic storage and processing.   

The means by which website visitors initiate contact are: online chat, email address, telephone number, forms on the website.  

Any contact is made to request information about our products, to request price offers, to ask our opinion on various subjects, to receive our services, to facilitate the ordering and/or payment process, as applicable.

An initiation of contact by you will be considered an explicit consent to receive a reply back, information, details of payment or any information requested.

After an initial communication, MEDICLIM establishes a legitimate interest to send you and provide further information relevant to our request, not in the form of a newsletter. This information can appear after the improvement of our products, the launch of new products that help you or issues related to the discussed topic. For this purpose,  MEDICLIM SRL set a reasonable deadline for the subsequent processing to 30 days from the date of initiating the communication if no other deadline is set forth in other contractual agreements.

This website may contain links or forwarding to other websites considered useful by MEDCLIM in relation to the content of the website and which are not under its control or guidance. In case of use of these links or forwards, the general terms of use of these websites will apply. 

MEDICLIM cannot guarantee/control the timeliness/accuracy of the information available on third-party websites linked on this website.