Pharma & Healthcare

Pharma & Healthcare

By partnering with leaders in industrial microbiological control, such as bioMérieux, we can strongly claim that we have the possibility to provide innovative and constantly developing technology for a correct management of the contamination risks in the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Our solutions are applicable to every step of the production process, starting with controlling the production environment, testing raw materials, intermediate and finished products, including sterility testing, bacterial identification, endotoxin testing, growth promotion testing or preservative effectiveness testing, covering each domain of interest in Pharma and Healthcare Industry:

  • Advanced and Cellular Therapies
  • Bioproduction
  • Compounding and Hospital Pharmacy
  • Non-sterile Pharma and Personal Care
  • Traditional Sterile Pharma

Pharmaceutical industries follow stringent regulations. In order to meet our customers needs to complying with United States (USP), European (Ph. Eur) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopeias standards we offer a complete range of quality control solutions as well as accurate and effective microbial contamination detection solutions that are validated, adaptable and cost-effective.

We stick to our commitment to providing the Pharma Industry with constantly improving methods that help deliver consistently accurate results for releasing faster, safer and healthier products.

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