Microbiology diagnostic

Infectious disease represent a lifethreatening health issue worldwide mainly due to continuously increasing of antimicrobial resistance which leads to high levels of mortality and morbidity.

Factors like time to result, high accuracy identification of the microorganisms, targeted treatment together with screening and prevention measures can play a critical role in the fight against this phenomenon.

Mediclim is bringing to your attention the solutions provided by leaders in the microbiology diagnostic field such as bioMerieux, Microbiologics, Adaltis and Fujirebio.

bioMerieux portfolio in microbiology is the most comprehensive offering diagnostic solutions for the following steps:

  • Infection control/prevention – environmental control solutions air/surfaces/water
  • Identification – Vitek 2, Vitek MS, API
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing – Vitek 2, Advanced Expert System, ETEST
  • Confirmation - ETEST
  • Sepsis – BacT/Alert 3D, Virtuo
  • Screening, active survelliance& ongoing treatment – Chromogenic media, Vidas B.R.A.H.M.S PCT

Microbiologics is the leading provider of ready-to-use reference strains for microbiological quality control testing.

Microbiologics strains offer contains over 1000 strains of bacteria, parasites and viruses.

The molecular diagnostic sector is well represented also by bioMerieux, Adaltis and Fujirebio and it is presented more detailed in the sections Molecular Diagnostic and Biofire.

All the solutions proposed to you by Mediclim and its partners allow the reliable identification of bacteria, antimicrobial resistance testing, differentiation of bacterial from viral infections and the most important, informed decisions for relevant antibiotic use.

Join us and lets stand together against the increase of antimicrobial resistance!

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