Imunohematology Diagnostic

An essential stake in modern medicine, Immunohematology aims to guarantee total transfusion compatibility between blood donors and patients. Ensuring the efficacy and safety of transfusions means ensuring that each patient is protected from any risk of error.

Immunohematology is an important branch in the field of transfusion, through which transfusion accidents can be avoided, such as donor-recipient incompatibility and maternal-fetal incompatibility.

Mediclim offers its customers the best immunohematology solutions, with the help of the supplier Diagast, one of the most important leaders in the field.

DIAGAST offers you ranges of products and high performance automated systems, guaranteeing the quality of transfusion diagnostics and patient safety:

  • Manual techniques :

  • Traditional techniques : Hemagglutination methods are traditionally performed with liquid reagents on media such as slides and tubes – Groupage , Low D Screening, Phenotyping, Search D variants, Extended phenotyping, Compatibility test, Direct Antiglobulinic Test, Quality Control.

  • PAD® range :  ABD PAD® is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for blood group confirmation (ABO / RH1). It allows this confirmation in less than 30 seconds, without the need for sample preparation.


  • Automated techniques : 

  • QWALYS® 3 EVO : QWALYS ® 3 EVO is the only complete immuno-hematology machine on the market to use the principle of magnetization of red blood cells, a process allowing the elimination of the washing and centrifugation steps. Among all its features, this latest generation of PLC offers high speed, large loading capacity and emergency management. QWALYS ® 3 EVO is the benchmark for all laboratories, hospitals, technical facilities and transfusion centers.

  • PK range: DIAGAST has developed in collaboration with Beckman Coulter, a complete range of ready-to-use CE marked reagents for PK automatons. These ranges of reagents are used exclusively in the donation qualification laboratory and allow grouping tests with retest, phenotyping and extended phenotyping to be carried out.


  • Transfusion safety: 

  • ABTest Card® : The products in the ABTest ® range are used to confirm the ABO erythrocyte compatibility between the patient's blood and that of the bag to be transfused. Based on M-TRAP ® technology, they allow quick and easy confirmation of transfusion compatibility, with greater safety for the patient and the user.

  • Safety Test ABO : Safety Test ABO is a device ready for use, designed to be used in transfusion compatibility as C ontrol U ltime the L it of M alade (or CULM ). This test complements the verification of the patient's identity and the compatibility of the patient's blood group and the RBC to be transfused.

The solutions proposed by Mediclim and Diagast are able to ensure perfect compatibility between donors and recipients, and thus, prevent or diagnose the risk of erythrocyte hemolytic disease.


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