Food & Feed

Food & Feed

As people become more aware about the impact of food they consume on their health, the control programs of manufacturers are becoming more focused on releasing high quality and safe foods, protecting the consumers health and stop risking their brands and reputation.

In this concern, starting with January 2011, Mediclim has dedicated a team of industry-experienced specialists to safely transfer the expertise of the world leader in rapid and traditional microbiology, bioMérieux, to laboratories involved in testing the quality and safety of food and feed.

Our portfolio covers all the steps of in process quality and safety control, starting from farm to fork, covering traditional and rapid, alternative and validated testing methods:

  • Farm applications
  • Environmental control
  • Raw material control
  • Process control
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Finished product

Food safety is a growing concern across the globe, which also means increased oversight and regulatory changes for the lab. In partnership with Microbiologics, we offer solutions designed specifically to help alleviate these challenges while supporting compliance with local and global regulations.

In 2020 we started a partnership with ProGnosis Biotech, specialized in producing swift, reliable and innovative immunochemical tests, that are easy to use, reliable and with a user friendly interpolation of the results. The products can simplify the ELISA test procedure in order to help the chemists/ food safety scientists.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to bringing into attention of the laboratories the latest technologies, to help specialized laboratories deliver accurate results and to help manufacturers release safe products fast and with a peace of mind.


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