Daily routine diagnosis

Daily routine diagnosis

We are focused on quality based outcomes for routine analyses in the laboratory such as:

  • Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Urine Chemistry and Sediment
  • Coagulation 
  • Diabetes.

Because providing correct and precise results is important, Mediclim also promotes a complete range of Internal and External Quality Controls that covers almost all fields of clinical diagnostic.

Mediclim is bringing to your attention the analysers and reagents produced by RANDOX, Tosoh and URIT.

RANDOX portfolio is comprehensive offering solutions like:

  • Automated systems for clinical biochemistry
  • Reagents
  • Internal Quality Controls
  • External Quality Controls Schemes
  • Laboratory Software

Tosoh  brings HPLC equipments Gx/G8/G11 for diabetes and thalassemia diagnostic and screening. This is based on in-depth understanding of the continuously growing clinical demand for faster and more precise diagnosis of life threatening pathologies like diabetes.

The precision of HPLC Tosoh instruments is extremely high and the CV  below 1% fulfills the goals in the diabetes medical community.

Hematology 5-part-Diff analyzers URIT-5160, URIT-5380, URIT-5500 and Urine analysers- Series US2000  developed by URIT Medical Electronic with state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for urine sediment are offering a scalable solution, adapted to different volumes of daily testing requirements.

All the solutions proposed to you by Mediclim and its partners allow the correct rhythm for the daily routine testing activity and fast and accurate results for the patients, contributing to an increased level of satisfaction among them and to the quality of health improvement.

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