Code of Ethics

Mediclim follows the “Code of Ethical Business Practice– MedTech” adopted internationally in the industry’s practice of engaging with healthcare professionals and health organizations to ensure that all interactions are ethical and professional. 

MedTech Europe represents the European healthcare technology industry and is an alliance of associations from the European healthcare technology industry. The alliance was founded in October 2012 and it currently has two members, the European Dissemination Media Agency (EMDA) representing the European in vitro diagnosis industry and Eucomed organization that represents the European industry of medical equipment.  

MedTech’s mission is to promote a balanced regulatory environment that allows the healthcare technology industry to satisfy the growing demands of healthcare and all stakeholders’ expectations.

MedTech Europe acknowledges that the compliance with the governing laws and regulations, as well as the adherence to ethical stations constitute both an obligation and an important step towards achieving the objectives mentioned and may enhance the reputation and success of the healthcare technology industry.  

In Romania, Mediclim is the founding member of AFPM, working together with partners in the field to develop an advanced healthcare system, an objective that can be achieved through transparency and correct regulations that allow a real competition.  

A.F.P.M wants to be the representative unitary voice of the Romanian healthcare industry in view of ensuring a healthy competition market, with free access to information and competition.