Animal Health

Animal Health

Monitoring and ensuring animal health is one of the main concerns these days. The welfare of livestock can decide sometimes the wellbeing of human.

Having the best solutions out there, means having IDEXX as a partner. Being a leader in veterinary diagnostics, Idexx has given us the opportunity to provide our clients the top-quality products they can count on. From 2017, Mediclim became Idexx distributor for livestock, poultry and dairy for the public sector in Romania.

Diagnostic tests and solutions for equine, bovine, birds and pigs are all covered by our portfolio, making vets confident that the result they have is the one they can count on. The standardisation of protocols and easy workflow makes Idexx products one of the most wanted test kits on the market.

Herd health is the most important factor to ensure milk production and quality. Avoiding traps such as subclinical mastitis and suboptimal fertility can help increase milk production and boost dairy farmers revenues. bioMerieux mastitis testing and fertility assessment solutions help you detect unseen milk thieves early, so you can reduce risks while maximizing profitability.  

Improved Herd Fertility

• Faster time to pregnancy and longer productive lifespan

• Improved conception rates

• Prediction of synchronization failures

bioMerieux solutions like VIDAS AMH and VIDAS Progesterone can identify the most productive animals and improve synchronization, helping farmers regain control of herd fertility.


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